International criminal law : cases and materials

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January 2000


The second edition of International Criminal Law has been updated especially to reflect case trends in the International Criminal Tribunals for Former Yugoslavia and for Rwanda (encompassing, among other matters, individual responsibility, defenses, war crimes, genocide, and other crimes against humanity) as well as developments and issues with respect to creation of a permanent International Criminal Court. Some materials have been cut back to allow inclusion of new materials and to provide a more manageable book. Newer U.S. and Canadian legislation has been added and there are many new Introductory Problems for various chapters and sections thereof. Another major change is the fusion of old chapters on viable and inappropriate claimed defenses into chapter two, allowing detailed attention in one chapter to individual responsibility and limits to responsibility posed by viable defenses.Most of the documents in the first edition have been placed in a new Documents Supplement to the book, with significant additions of other documents and fuller extracts of those previously found in the book.