Special Education Law : Cases and Materials

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January 2013


This book is a unique offering in the growing field of Special Education Law and is designed to be used both in schools of education and in law schools. Coverage includes: * Core Concepts of Special Education Law; * Eligibility and Evaluation; * Residency; * Free, Appropriate Public Education; * Individualized Education Program; * Education in the Least Restrictive Environment; * Related Services; * Due Process Hearings; * Student Discipline; * Court Proceedings; * Attorneys Fees in Special Education Litigation; * Children in Nonpublic Schools; * Early Childhood Programs; and * Post-Secondary Education. It features a highly useful glossary of special education and legal terms. Special Education Law contains relevant statutory excerpts and carefully edited reports of the leading special education cases, together with extensive explanatory materials and provocative questions for class discussion. The book also features practical exercises for home assignments or in-class projects. Two of the co-authors teach in law schools and have deep experience in special education law as well as allied subjects such as constitutional law, administrative law, civil procedure, federal courts, and general school law. Their background enables them to discuss the special education topics thoroughly and to draw connections to other parts of the law school curriculum. The third co-author, who is also a lawyer, teaches educational administration as well as special education law; that background enables him to add lessons on the real-world impact of the law on the daily work of the schools.