Volume 26, Issue 3 Spring 1977

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DePaul College of Law



Book Reviews


Cynthia Giacchetti
Executive Editor
Floyd A. Wisner
Illinois Law Issue Editors
Gregory P. Vazquez
Kenneth Weinberger
Literary and Interdisciplinary Editor
Cornelia Honchar Tuite
Lead Articles Editors
Joan E. MacDonald
Jeff Atkinson
Linda Johnson Foley
Roger Douglas Smith
Note and Comment Editors
James Barber
Julie Badel
Karen Kay Barnes
Keith M. Kanter
Madeleine Tewes Lee
Robert T. Mittelman
Diane Kosmach Schumacher
Business Editor
Louis Wallenberg
Assistant Business Editor
Nicola S. Tancredi
Faculty Advisory Committee
Robert E. Burns
Rodney J. Blackman
Vincent F. Vitullo
John F. Decker