The DePaul Journal of Health Care Law publishes articles on health law subjects of current interest to health care practitioners, legal researchers, scholars and health care professionals.

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Current Issue: Volume 20, Issue 1 Spring 2018



Natalie Ficek
Authorities Editor
Katelyln Docherty
Lead Article Editor
Joshua Lizama
Executive Text Editor
Emmanuel Almaraz
Managing & Business Editor
Kyle Mitchell
Symposium Director
Katy Green
Writing Staff
Alec Deborin
Meghan Martine
Jason Whitehead
Tammy Ng
Margaret Kawarski
Alex Martell
Samantha Ortiz
Crystal Kuruvilla
Stephen Choi
Bernard Puglisi
Andrew VandenBerg
Corey Bartkus
Executive Director of the Jaharis Health Law Institute
Kate Schostok
Faculty Advisor
Max Helveston