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Entrepreneurship is the foundation of the hospitality industry. the study of entrepreneurship has yield three main types of entrepreneurship: a traditional entrepreneur, a lifestyle entrepreneur, and a social entrepreneur. This research sought to determine if these types of entrepreneurs are really as siloed as presented or if there is a gray area between them. No one person was solely one type of entrepreneur (traditional, social, or lifestyle). We present the cases of entrepreneurs existing on a continuum: A lifestyle-traditional entrepreneur, a traditional-social entrepreneur, and a social-lifestyle entrepreneur. If classified by also the prevalence of one typology over another, it is possible for 6 different types of entrepreneurs to be identified. Not all entrepreneurs go on to open their own business. Some individuals with a strong entrepreneurial spirit go on to be successful in the corporate world. If the hospitality industry is to better understand the motivations behind these individuals, they may better be able to match them with tasks and projects.