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Travel marketers have been called upon to better understand tourists’ souvenir purchase behaviors and experience in a fast-emerging world region, China. To dissect contemporary Chinese consumers’ purchase behaviors and experiences, this research explored the motivations, experiences, and behavioral intentions associated with theme park souvenir purchase among Chinese domestic tourists at Shanghai Disneyland Park. A total of 32 personal interviews were conducted. Based on the interviews, this research found that Chinese consumers’ intention to purchase Disney souvenir is influenced by both internal and external motivations. With regards to Chinese consumers’ purchase experience, the majority had a positive experience because of the attentive service and satisfying souvenir products. Concerning repurchase intention, all interviewees unanimously reported their willingness to purchase Disney souvenirs again in the future. This research is valuable for retailers and destination marketers as they strategize their promotional events for attracting Chinese souvenir consumers. The findings of this research revealed why contemporary Chinese consumers purchased Disney souvenirs, how they evaluated their purchase experience, and whether and why they would repurchase Disney souvenirs in the future.