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Creative Writing and Publishing


domestic thriller, women's fiction, Munchausen by Proxy, female protagonist, New York City


A chilling domestic thriller about a young couple who discover that neither is who they pretend to be. Amy Jesionowski's novel Pricked tells the eerie story of a codependent relationship with dangerous twists. Twenty-four year old Jane Pluckett is an aspiring fashion designer in the hustle and bustle of the New York City Fashion District. When she begins to date a medical malpractice lawyer who offers to connect her in her field and make her tight financial situation a bit easier, she comes to find that Bradley isn't all he made himself out to be. His complicated family life and childhood trauma confronts them both when Jane's health begins to decline, and Jane can only turn to him for support. But is he the one who can actually help her? Pricked is a psychologically intense novel that deals with questions of relationships, trust, and the ability to truly know the people around us: how we create these relationships and how, in turn, they recreate us.

Available for download on Thursday, October 12, 2119