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Women's & Gender Studies


neoliberalism, student activism, identity politics, antiracist feminism, feminist coalition-building


This case study tracks the repercussions and re/productions effected by the alt-Right agitator Milo Yiannopolous' visit to DePaul University's campus on his “Dangerous Faggot Tour” and the consequential riot he led through campus in 2016. Looking closely at the relational positionalities and responses of the student protesters, the university administration, and the antiracist student affairs practitioners who supported the protesters, the analysis seeks to answer how the neoliberal university strategically prevents coalition-building among marginalized students, staff, and faculty, especially when the matter deals with, race, racism, and antiracism. The study unravels the structural and rhetorical strategies of neoliberalism that the university employs to stall and dissipate antiracist coalitions on campus. In that unraveling, the study also identifies and offers strategies, values, and methodologies for fostering subversive communities on campus that can sustain the infrastructure needed to build antiracist coalitions that are sustainable, intergenerational, and multiracial.