Faculty Advisor

Dr. Anuj P. Sarma


Methanol molecules in star-forming regions emit detectable microwave radiation. In particular, the rotational energy state transitions of methanol are responsible for two types of masers: Class I and Class II, found in the bipolar outflows and accretion disks of star-forming regions, respectively. Masers, being intense point-like sources in our sky, serve as an excellent source of information in further understanding the environment of high-mass star-forming regions due to their intense luminosities. High-mass star formation is still not entirely understood and remains an observational challenge. We have compiled a list of all the methanol maser transitions observed in the literature, in order to provide a small-scale database that can be used to study the morphology of maser distribution, and as a source to plan for observations of the Zeeman Effect to measure magnetic fields in star-forming regions.