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Molecular Hydrogen Complexes of Mo and W

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Literature discussion about the first examples of molecular hydrogen complexes isolated by Gregory J. Kubas in the early 80s. The questions are divided into groups with two levels of difficulty.

The more basic group of questions includes topics on:

1) Coordination Chemistry: electron count, geometry, oxidation state, orbital interactions, types of ligands, binding modes, cis/trans and fac/mer isomers.

2) Symmetry elements and point groups.

3) Basic concepts on spectroscopy: NMR, Raman, IR, UV/Vis, XANES, EXAFS, neutron and X-ray diffraction

The more challenging group of questions include topics on:

1) IR spectroscopy: fundamental vibrational modes, isotope effect

2) Difference between η2 molecular hydrogen complexes and dihydride complexes.

3) NMR spectroscopy: couplings, signal splitting and broadening, chemical shift