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Otterbein Symmetry In-Class Activity/Take Home Activity

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This is an in-class activity I made for my students in a Junior/Senior-level one-quarter inorganic course. Unfortunately it was waaay too long for the 1.5 h class (i gave them about 45 min). I recommend taking this and adapting it to a take-home exercise or homework set, which is probably what I will do this coming year.

Students used Otterbein to look at various structures, starting with low symmetry, working up to very high symmetry structures. I had them go through the "challenge" so they couldn't see the keys at first, but then go back to check their answers.

Before class, I had students watch a TED-talk video on symmetry (see web resources) and lectured for about 45 minutes on point groups and symmetry elements. They were also expected to read the chapter on symmetry from MFT