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Dissecting Catalysts for Artificial Photosynthesis

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Anne asked the students in her junior/senior inorganic course to develop their own literature discussion learning objects and lead the rest of the class in a discussion of their article. Each student chose one article from a list of suggestions provided. Student Hayley Johnston chose this article describing a Mn-containing catalyst for carbon dioxide reduction (Jonathan M. Smieja, Matthew D. Sampson, Kyle A. Grice, Eric E. Benson, Jesse D. Froehlich, and Clifford P. Kubiak, “Manganese as a Substitute for Rhenium in CO2 Reduction Catalysts: The Importance of Acids” Inorganic Chemistry 2013, 52, 2484-2491. DOI: 10.1021/ic302391u). The article describes the development of a Mn-based homogeneous catalyst for electrocatalytic CO2 reduction. Hayley met with Anne for an hour to discuss the article, then generated a list of questions drawn from the article's content. Using Hayley’s original set of questions as a starting point, Anne and Kyle developed this literature discussion, which is suitable for use in inorganic chemistry courses.