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Study design and protocol for My Guide: An e-health intervention to improve patient-centered outcomes among Hispanic breast cancer survivors

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Breast cancer is the most commonly diagnosed non-skin cancer in women and the leading cause of death among Hispanic women living in the United States. Relative to non-Hispanic white women, Hispanic women report poorer health related quality of life (HRQoL) after treatment. Although eHealth interventions delivered via Smartphones are a viable approach to addressing supportive care accessibility issues while also integrating multidisciplinary approaches for improving HRQoL, few eHealth interventions have been developed that specifically target Hispanic breast cancer survivors (BCS). This manuscript describes the methodology of a multi-site, randomized controlled behavioral trial investigating the feasibility and preliminary efficacy of a Smartphone application aimed at improving HRQoL and cancer-specific distress among Hispanic BCS. Participants will be randomized to receive the intervention application, My Guide (psychoeducation & self-management program), or the health education control condition application, My Health (health education), for six weeks. All participants will also receive weekly telecoaching to enhance adherence to both control and intervention conditions. We will measure the study's primary outcomes, general and disease-specific HRQoL and cancer-specific distress, at three time points: prior to, immediately after the intervention, and eight weeks after initial application use. My Guide may have the potential to improve HRQoL, and to address issues of limited access to supportive care among Hispanic women recovering from breast cancer treatment.