College of Science and Health Theses and Dissertations

Date of Award

Summer 8-23-2019

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Doctor of Nursing Practice (DNP)



First Advisor

Elizabeth Aquino, PhD, RN

Second Advisor

Young - Me Lee PhD, RN

Third Advisor

Nancy Reese, DNP, RN


Introduction: Advanced beginner nurses are at risk of leaving the nursing profession prematurely and therefore further contributing to the nursing shortage. After a review of the literature, there are no known studies to date that examine the impact of compassion fatigue (including burnout and secondary traumatic stress), and compassion satisfaction on intent to leave nursing in the advanced beginner nurses. Objective: The objective of this study is (1) to examine the difference between demographic characteristics and compassion fatigue, and compassion satisfaction, and (2) to examine significant predictors for intent to leave nursing in the advanced beginner nurse measured by compassion fatigue and compassion satisfaction. Methods: A descriptive online survey design was used. Data was collected from an online survey that was shared with nursing alumni from a Chicago-area nursing school. Descriptive statistics, logistic regression model, Kruskal – Wallis H Test, and a post Hoc Dunn’s test were used to interpret data significance. Results: A total of 68 nursing alumni participated in the online survey. 91.2% of respondents stated they currently do not have any intent to leave the nursing profession, while 8.8% stated they do intend to leave the nursing profession. 36 (53%) respondents scored below 40 on the compassion satisfaction scale, 32 (47%) scored above 40. The compassion satisfaction level is average for the respondents. 67 (98.5%) respondents score below 43 on the burnout scale, 1 (1.5%) respondent scored above 43. The amount of burnout is average for respondents. 68 (100%) respondents scored above 41 on the secondary traumatic stress scale. The amount of secondary traumatic stress is average for the respondents. Conclusion: To address the nursing shortage, it is critical to create supportive and positive working environments to promote the well-being of advanced beginner nurses. Providing additional emotional support for advanced beginner nurses needs that contribute to compassion fatigue (including burnout and secondary traumatic stress) and compassion satisfaction will help prevent the advanced beginner nurse from leaving the profession of nursing and successfully transition into this new role.

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