College of Communication Master of Arts Theses

Date of Award

Spring 6-2010

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Master of Communication


Hawaiian philosophy attributes certain God elements to its existence. The sun symbolizes Life. The water symbolizes the fluidity of life, and time is exemplified by the wind. Each element contains and yin/yang component, such as salt water to fresh water, and night to day. Time, however, lacks this component. Time can only move forward. The wind can only move in one direction. As the Hawaiians fight to restore their culture and rights, they are attempting the great feat of stopping the wind.

This film documents that process, and explores through a historical implication and into a context of modernity, whether or not this task is feasible, and demonstrates the current thoughts and actions through a dynamic racial composition on the islands in order to determine what is currently being accomplished to restore culture and pride and ultimately, self-determination.

Featuring interviews from government officials, leaders of sovereignty movements, local Hawaiians and local haoles, the perspectives allow for an in-depth analysis of the current movement in a culture that has faced imperialistic ideals and colonization, and is refusing to continue to accept the way things are.

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Communication Commons