College of Communication Master of Arts Theses

Date of Award

Fall 11-2013

Degree Type


Degree Name

Master of Arts (MA)


Media and Cinema Studies

First Advisor

Paul Booth

Second Advisor

Michael DeAngelis


This thesis explores the current transitional moment in culture as cinema, identity, and a mediated society interact in a state of flux. My film project, Photostoria, was produced to addresses issues of memory, history, and identity in a digital, socially networked age, through the relationships of the characters/actors and through cinema's unique aesthetic language. The film uses a convergence and remediation of media to reflect the confusion and destabilization of identity formation in cultural terms. Specifically, time travel narratives create a metaphor for the experience of displacement in a hypermediated society. Photostoria is analyzed by way of narrative theory, new media studies, genre theory, and cultural studies in order to expose the affect in on and offline identity as consumer and producer fade into one another. The transmedia and collaborative element of the project presented through the connected website and kickstarter campaign demonstrate the way that the narrative fluctuates between virtual and non-virtual worlds.

Included in

Communication Commons