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Dear Students, Faculty Colleagues, and Friends,

The College of Liberal Arts and Sciences, through the deliberations and efforts of its Task Force on “Students Creating Knowledge”, chaired by Professor Ralph Erber, Associate Dean for Research in the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences, committed itself to a number of new strategic initiatives that would enhance and enrich the academic quality of the student experience within the College. Chief among these initiatives was one that would encourage students to become actively engaged in creating scholarship and research and give them a venue for the publication of their essays. Last year, this eventuated in the publication of the very first volume of Creating Knowledge: The LA&S Student Research Journal. Of course, it might be argued that a tradition of such student scholarship and accomplishment can only be truly started if there are follow-up volumes to the “premiere” edition of the journal. And so, I am extremely pleased to be able to introduce the second volume of Creating Knowledge. It is through the continuing, annual publication of this undergraduate student journal that we aim to encourage students across the College and the University to understand that leadership within their disciplines requires them to not only be familiar with the knowledge base of the discipline, but to have the experience of being actively engaged in understanding how creative work and/or scientific discoveries are created through research, scholarship, and the dissemination and sharing of knowledge.

I want to congratulate, first and foremost, the many student scholars whose work is featured in this second volume of the journal. I also want to thank the students and faculty who served to make this publication possible—those who served on the editorial board that shaped this journal and who reviewed the many submissions of student work. In accomplishing this task all of you have participated in what is the heart of scholarship—the contributions to enabling and sustaining an intellectual community—one which we hope will lead you to make similar contributions beyond the College and DePaul University. To one and all, my most sincere congratulations and gratitude.

Chuck Suchar

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Arts and Humanities | Creative Writing | Social and Behavioral Sciences

Creating Knowledge, volume 2, 2009