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As Little Village’s population continues to grow, there is a lack of pedestrian route options for the students of Little Village. Once the bells are dismissed a herds of students flood the block. This weekday evening routine results in road closures. With greening alleyways, this will provide students with other routes that are safer and well adapted to absorb stormwater for a better walking experience.

There are high enrollments of each of the public schools within Little Village coupled with the fact that some schools are in close vicinities with each other, some less than three blocks!

Along with a high dense population, comes with heavy pedestrian foot traffic from CTA rail and bus stops.

Having strategic placements of green alleys within vicinities of the schools can promote safety by diverting away from busy automobile ridden intersections, and indirectly stimulate more green infrastructure in Little Village.

Population will continue to grow, residents, not just students, will need to have other routes to make Chicago’s goal of a walkable city more attainable. With CTA growing with more routes green alleyways should enhance the city’s walkability.