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This map overlays schools based on their percentage of students receiving federal lunch funding with neighborhood income levels. According to the map, most schools that receive federal funding are located in the Humboldt Park neighborhood. However, there are some schools in the Humboldt Park neighborhood that receive little or no federal funding. Also, the map places a red X on top of the schools that do not have a health initiative. Health initiatives are defined as any method the school uses to promote healthy eating. The research revealed that all schools which lack health initiatives are situated in the Humboldt Park neighborhood while none occur in Lincoln Park schools. Further more, three Humboldt Park schools were identified that lack both a health initiative and federal lunch funding: Maternity BVM School, Stowe Elementary School, and Erie Elementary Charter. This may suggest that children going to these schools have unhealthy diets or simply do not eat lunch at all.


GIS, Chicago, education, healthy eating


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