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Integrating Quantitative Methods into a Graduate Business Curriculum

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January 2011



The need for business practitioners to have a working knowledge of mathematics and statistics is widely accepted. However, MBA programs seem to be constantly struggling with how quantitative skills and techniques should be integrated into a curriculum. While the present study focuses on business programs (more specifically, graduate business programs), discussions with faculty members from other colleges within our University and other universities suggest that the problems described within the article are endemic across all areas of study within which mathematical and statistical analysis and interpretation are critical components. The authors present a number of alternative ways that quantitative methods have been incorporated within a curriculum and point out the respective advantages and shortcomings of each approach. The authors conclude that the traditional approaches to integrating quantitative methods all have significant shortcomings and suggest that a technology-enabled, just-in-time approach included as a component of each course beyond the required courses in quantitative methods may be the most effective approach to enhancing the overall curriculum and satisfying both student and faculty expectations.

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Journal of Academic Administration in Higher Education