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Development of a "Multi-Cut" Payload for use in Stratospheric Ballooning Missions

James Flaten, U of MN - Twin Cities / MN Space Grant
Joey Habeck, U of MN - Twin Cities
Noah Biniek, U of MN - Twin Cities
Steven Smeaton, U of MN - Twin Cities
Austin Langford, U of MN - Twin Cities
Jordan Diers, U of MN - Twin Cites
Isaac Krieger, U of MN - Twin Cities

Exploring the Edge of Space: Streamlining Physics and Earth Science Collaboration in a new Community College Course

David Kobilka, Central Lakes College - Brainerd
Yoshinao Hirai Ph.D., Central Lakes College, Brainerd

High Altitude Cosmic Ray Detection

Jordan D. Van Nest, Trevecca Nazarene University

High-Altitude Ballooning in 3rd Grade

Emily L. Mathews, DePaul University
Brianna Marszalek, Gower West Elementary, Willowbrook, IL
Bernhard Beck-Winchatz, DePaul University

Low-cost HAB platform to measure particulate matter in the troposphere

Mark J. Potosnak, DePaul University
Bernhard Beck-Winchatz, DePaul University
Paul Ritter, Pontiac Township High School

Preliminary results from a ground based magnetometer rotation table

Rachel Newman, St. Catherine University
April Gross, St. Catherine University
Jolene Johnson, St. Catherine University
Kaye Smith, St. Catherine University
Erick Agrimson, St. Catherine University
James Flaten, University of Minnesota - Twin Cities

The Design, Construction, and Flight of a High Altitude Particle Collector

Bob Bennett Ph.D., Arkansas State University - Main Campus
Jason Brown, Arkansas State University - Main Campus