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Autonomous Altitude Control Device for Latex HAB

John W. Siepierski, University of Southern Indiana

Cosmic Ray Air Shower Lateral Coincidences

Gordon C. McIntosh, University of Minnesota, Morris

Learning to Fly: Initial Experiments in High Altitude Ballooning

Tracy L. Knowles, Bluegrass Community and Technical College
Dalton Warren, Bluegrass CTC
Sara Stewart, Bluegrass CTC
Angel Smith, Bluegrass CTC
Joe Maciag, Bluegrass CTC

Long Term Tropospheric and Stratospheric Measurements Using High Altitude Balloons

Bryant Fong, Arkansas State University - Main Campus
J Tillman Kennon, Arkansas State University - Main Campus
Ed Roberts, Pottsville High School, Pottsville, AR
Hashim Ali, Arkansas State University - Main Campus

Parafoil Recovery of a High Altitude Balloon Payload

Chelsea Velasquez, Iowa State University
Zachariah Benedict, Iowa State University

The “Stratospheric Cricket Keeper” – Developing a Simple“Life-Support” Payload for High-Altitude Balloon Missions

Lucas Kramer, University of Minnesota - Twin Cities
Chad Serba, University of Minnesota - Twin Cities
James Flaten, University of Minnesota - Twin Cities / MN Space Grant

Total Eclipse Aircraft Mission (TEAM)

Ron Fevig, University of North Dakota
David Delene, University of North Dakota

Using a High Altitude Balloon Platform to Observe and Measure Seasonal Ozone Flux over Agricultural Landscapes

Cody Sabo, DePaul University

Using Tank Pressure To Determine the Lift of a Balloon

Sarah M. Biver, Iowa State University