DOJONR - DePaul Online Journal of Nursing Research
This is a repository for Master Entry of Nursing Practice (MENP) integrative reviews and Doctor of Nursing Practice (DNP) original clinical research papers from the DePaul School of Nursing. This repository only accepts completed work from DePaul MENP and DNP students. The areas of nursing specialty in this repository include but not limited to: 1. Critical Care Nursing 2. Geriatric Nursing 3. Maternal, Child Health and Neonatal Nursing 4. Neurological Nursing 5. Occupational and Environmental Health Nursing 6. Psychiatric and Mental Health Nursing 7. Public Health and Community Nursing 8. Oncology Nursing 9. Pediatric Oncology Nursing 10. Leadership Nursing 12. Adult Health Nursing 13. Adult Gerontology Nursing


Submissions from 2016


Ethical Frameworks for Decision-Making in Nursing Practice and Research: An Integrative Review, Mary Grace Mallari MSN and Joseph D. Tariman PhD

Submissions from 2015


Barriers & Promoters to Participation in the Era of Shared Decision-Making, Sarah P. McCarter MSN; Joseph D. Tariman PhD; Nadia Spawn MSN; Enisa Mehmeti BS; Jessica Bishop-Royse PhD; Ima Garcia MSN, NP; Lisa Hartle MS, RN; and Katharine Szubski BSN, RN