Editors: Thomas W. O'Brien, DePaul University
  Scott R. Paeth, DePaul University
  Rev. Patrick Flanagan, St. John's University
  Elizabeth Collier, Dominican University

There are five basic tenets that underlie the need for a forum to discuss the application of religious ethics to the economy and the practices of businesses within the economy:

  • Capitalism is extending its reach to all corners of the globe and its scope and influence are changing the ways people conceive of their ethical responsibilities.
  • As a result of globalization, new synergies have emerged between formerly independently developing economies and markets, triggering new modes of behavior that challenge traditional notions of right and wrong.
  • New and intriguing ethical ideas and moral systems have appeared in many religious traditions that can be applied in helpful ways to business and the economy.
  • Recent developments in corporate and economic life call for new policies and ethical responses.
  • In response to said developments, novel academic and governance debates are emerging. These debates have local, regional and global dimensions and lack an appropriate forum.

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Call for Papers

Spirituality and Creativity in Management World Congress, taking place in Barcelona, April 23-25 2015.

We would like to inform you about the Spirituality and Creativity in Management World Congress, taking place in Barcelona April 23rd - 25th 2015.

Below are some useful links regarding the Call for Papers with November 28th as submission deadline;

Congress Info

Call for Doctoral Consortium

Call for regular Papers

Call for PDW​

If you have any questions, please contact Dominik Mertens @ SCMWC.PAPERS@esade.edu

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